December 2018 ~ Into The Light

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Our Regular Sunday Celebration Service starts at 10:45 AM in the Sanctuary

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Join our Practitioners on the 2nd Floor at 10:15 each Sunday Morning for a Guided Meditation.  

You will love the energy of high consciousness in these meditation sessions.

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We hope everyone feels welcome to join us in our Fellowship Hall immediately after our Sunday Service for tasty snacks and great conversation.  


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Happening Now

December 9th, - A Courageous Catalyst for Good ~ The Light of Peace

Join us on this Sunday on December 9th as our Senior Minister, Rev. Claudia  continues a series of talks this month about the importance of being the catalyst for good in our world today.  


“We are poised in a sense of peace, which comes from our complete faith in God as the light, power and inspiration of our life.” Ernest Holmes 

As the Light of Peace, I am a courageous catalyst for good! 

This Sunday Rev. Claudia shares a Christmas Message and we light the candle of PEACE and continue our observation of this Holy Season and the tradition of the celebration of Advent.

Rev. Claudia Rene

Into The Light

“A seed will need the darkness to change into new life ….”  Rickie Byars Beckwith  

A season of darkness proceeds the season of light.  It is said that it is darkest just before the dawn.  With all the focus upon the light, one can overlook the gifts that can only be found in the seasons that seem so dark.  It is in these seasons that we are invited to turn within to the depth of our soul, to a stillness, a sweet silence, a perfect peace.  It is in the woods of winter, stark and bare, that one can see farther, more clearly and beyond distractions of the world. 


I invite you to embrace this time before the dawning of a new light of a new season to find the light within you.  Set time aside each day, turning away from the busyness of the Holiday Season, to let the darkened skies call you home to the stillness within.  Herein lies the seed that needs this time, needs the stillness and the silence, before it can bring new life. 

You are a Divine Idea in the Mind of God.  The Descent of Spirit into form is the Christ Consciousness, that seed within you that lies dormant in the darkness.  I invite you to turn within and into the light that you are.  Let us realize the gifts of light that we are as faith, as peace, as love, and as joy.  It is said that this Christ in you is your hope of glory.  The time of looking to a light that is outside of you is over.  

You are the light of the world.  Turn within this season … into the light and be the light in a world made new.  

A Recent Message by Rev. Claudia

Life truly begins when you know who you are, what you are and how you serve is.  The one in mastery will ask, “How may I serve this day?”  

This is the worthwhile life.

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