Guest Speakers this Month at CSLN!

October 14th ~ Rique!

You are invited to the Restaurant of Life.  

Here you will be selecting from the Menu of Life!  Only you can create the experience you desire.  

All is potential and the choices are infiinte.  

The Chef is ready to fill your order.  What Course will you choose?

Oct. 21st ~ Rev. Donna Michael

What works for us -- or against us -- 

as we face everyday situations and 

even life's strongest storms?  

In our darkest and most difficult moments, 

determination helps us find 

the handhold of spiritual truth!

October 28 ~ The Gift of You

We are a gift of the Universe 

to itself 

and to everyone else. 

Bringing our gift to its highest expression 

is the goal of living, as the gift 

gives back to the giver.