Financial Planning for 2020 is almost complete!

The Financials

Accounting is rarely considered a fun conversation... but at CSLN we are working hard every day to stay ahead of the financial needs for our beautiful Center.  Visit here often for monthly updates and financial commentary from our Board Treasurer and Accounting Ministry.  

Thank you for your interest in our community.  Your contributions to our Center are vital.   Thank you for the gift of your financial support!

A Statement from David Arnholter

It has been a busy year indeed!  We have made great strides in improving the financial strength of our beloved Center.  We have focused on several projects that have been effective in cutting our expenses and managing the cost of projects for the much needed improvements to our Center.  

In September of this year the Board of Trustees adopted a resolution to refinance our mortgage which will provide savings and an increase in cash flow.  Our mortgage has decreased from the original $500,000 borrowed in April of 2006 to now less than $71K!  This year we have also engaged a local CPA firm who have reviewed our financial reports and are partnering with us to suggest methods to improve our accounting system reporting and management on an ongoing basis.

Thank you for your financial gifts which allow us to move forward.  I remain confident about our future and the financial security of our Center.  I am honored to serve the CSL Nashville Community as Treasurer of the Board of Trustees.  

David H. Arnholter


Board of Trustees