Practitioner Prayer for August

I am one with the Divine

by Candy Paull, Practitioner

I am one with the Divine, a unique and perfect expression of the Creative Principle, the loving Essence of God.  This living Spirit at the center of my being reacts to what I entertain in thought, and I have every right to expect the unexpected.  

I affirm that new ideas are coming to me, new ways of doing things, supportive friendships, and wonderful expansive situations are unfolding with ease and joy.  I know nothing is too good to be true and nothing is too much for the Power that can do anything.  I am guided along a beautiful path designed and orchestrated just for me.  I keep my mind and heart open to the Divine intuition that is the wisdom that guides me. All things are possible with God.  

I have great expectations and release this prayer with gratitude for the good that now comes to me. 

                                                And so it is.


Realizing that all action starts in, and is a result of consciousness, prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer.

Ernest Holmes


Meditation & Prayers


Affirmative  Prayer

A Spiritual Mind Treatment is an affirmative prayer.  

As we are dealing with challenging situations and conditions in our lives, Affirmative Prayers use spiritual principles (law) to find joy in our lives and peace in our world.


We see the universe as solid fact; God sees it as liquid law.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Each Sunday our practioners hold a meditation in the Practioners room on the second floor. Please join us next Sunday.