Special Musical Presentation This Sunday

Gregory Fisher ~ July 22nd, 2018

Gregory Fisher is a communicator—a musical performer, a writer, a speaker, and a spirit coach. 

He moved to Nashville in the mid-eighties immediately began to develop numerous Contemporary Christian Music and gospel hits.  Today, Gregory continues to perform as an inspirational vocalist, singing many self-penned compositions, alongside an unpredictable repertoire of tunes from across a diverse genre. 

He also serves as an ordained minister, a Religious Science practitioner, and  an advanced practice social worker. 

Previous Music Guests

Gordon Ellis - May 13th, 2018


Gordon Ellis's music might best be described as "Relevant Country"--songs of substance that we all can relate to, which mostly fall into the country genre.  

Born in New York City, and initially influenced by rangy voiced artists like Roy Orbison and Elvis, he was later drawn to the honesty and simplicity of country music, while attending the University of Oklahoma, where he received a BA in Psychology.  After college, Gordon moved to Northern California, where he nurtured both his personal growth and his music, receiving several songwriting and performing awards, and performing with his band "GORDON ELLIS and the All Night Ramblers". He was a 1984 Male Vocal Finalist in the Nashville Talent Search, televised in the San Jose/San Francisco area, and hosted by Hall Of Fame songwriter Bill Anderson.

After living in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years, Gordon was encouraged to move to Nashville in 1990.  Since then, he has been featured at numerous writers shows, and has obtained several independent cuts.  He released his own CD "Memory Machine" in 2000, getting airplay in the US and overseas, and he has a 5 song "Positive Message" EP called "One God/One Family".  He also has around 50 songs available online through his website, gordonellismusic.com, which links to iTunes, Amazon, and other stores.  

In recent years, Gordon's music has been influenced by "New Thought" teachings, and he has a growing catalog of inspirational songs to share. His mission is to connect with people and enrich their lives in some way. As he says on his website, "I hope my music is just what you need to hear, when you hear it."

For more info, please check out his website:  gordonellismusic.com.