Special Musical Presentation December 30th


Paula Hawley ~ December 30th, 2018

As a musician and third generation healer, Paula brings a holistic, intuitive brilliance to her vibrational work with crystal singing bowls.  

Her sound baths resonate with an exquisite combination 

of musicality, energetic sensitivity and Divine guidance.   

Acknowledging the healing, loving spirit of ‘Aloha’ that thrives 

in the roots of her Hawaiian birth and seems to swim in 

these crystal vibrations, she gave her 

signature brand the name KaiLani. 

Paula enjoys helping people choose their first bowl or 

putting together a set of compatible tones 

for healing work, meditation, household joy and more. 

She says, “the best part of working with these delightful 

crystal bowls are the experiences people report after 

being washed in their pure healing tones... 

peacefulness, dream-like visions and 

even reduction of physical discomfort.