Center for Spiritual Living Youth

Our Youth Mission

  • To create a safe, accepting, and sacred place to empower and enrich youth and families. 
     To provide a positive loving environment so our children can make fantastic discoveries about themselves as they grow and come to know God within all things and all beings.

What We Teach

  • Each week we present Science of Mind principles in lessons and experiences that are appropriate to each age group.  Lessons include discussions of spiritual ideas that can relate to our children's daily lives through stories, activities, sharing, inning, doing affirmations, meditations, visualization, yoga, and any other type of activity that emphasizes God's perfect expression of Divine Love inside one of us.  We teach Spiritual practices that empower children to embrace their unique gifts and encourages the knowledge of Universal Laws by seeing the truth of who they really are.​

Our Youth Director

  • David Wyley Long, one of the dedicated tweens teachers, started in his new role in November, 2016. David began attending the Center in the winter of 2013, and quickly appreciated the enriching lessons and warm, vibrant community.  He started working in the nursery, where he enjoyed nurturing the youngest members of the Center, before transitioning to teaching.  Currently, David is studying Early Childhood Education at Nashville State Community College, with an anticipated completion date of May 2018. Mr. David in his spare time enjoys a good book, traveling with his friends, and tennis.

Youth Annoucements

Youth Sunday every 5th Sunday

For the most up to date information on our youth department please visit our Youth Facebook page!