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All the colors of love


Ernest Holmes says that Love is the Self-giving-ness of Spirit.  It gives of Itself out of the pure desire to express in, through and as creation.  

This means that you are created by Love, as Love Itself.  How wonderful to realize that our life is an expression or extension of the one life, living in, through and as all of creation.  It is then clear, that we are all made of the same substance and from the same Source.  Herein lies our connection. Herein lies our Unity.  And, from this Unity, Love expresses in a multitude of ways, ever being made new.  

Join us this February for the love, connection and sense of belonging we celebrate each time we come together.  

With Love and Deep Gratitude, 

Rev. Claudia René

Senior Minister & Spiritual Leader

Center for Spiritual Living Nashville

The Center of Love

Our Theme this February


Each month this year we will feature a theme of conversation for the Sunday messages.


This February, we celebrate All the Colors of Love.  

In and as the expression of Love, it appears that we are created as separate entities.  Yet, we cannot deny that we are indeed, created in relationship.   All of life is an intricate web of relationship.  

These relationships, then, are our greatest teachers. Each relationship in our life perfectly reflects ourselves back to us, revealing our brilliance and light, while also showing us where the shadows of mis-perception hide.

We look forward to seeing you at the Center of Love... the Center for Spiritual Living Nashville

Last Sunday's Message- Rev. Claudia René

Can gratitude change the world we see!   

Do we live in a reflective universe?    

In this message Rev. Claudia René reveals one of the basic axioms of the teachings of Ernest Holmes.  

The universe is not only benevolent, it is actually reflective of our consciousness! 

Sunday Schedule at Center for Spiritual Living Nashville

Our Sunday Service Overview

Each Sunday our doors open at 10:00 AM

Our Regular Sunday Celebration Service starts at 10:45 AM in the Sanctuary

Guided Meditation Every Sunday

Join our Practitioners on the 2nd Floor at 10:15 each Sunday Morning for a Guided Meditation.  

You will love the energy of high consciousness in these meditation sessions.

Fellowship After Service

We hope everyone feels welcome to join us in our Fellowship Hall immediately after our Sunday Service for tasty snacks and great conversation.  


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