March 2019 ~ Spring Forward

Sunday Schedule at Center for Spiritual Living Nashville

Our Sunday Service Overview

Each Sunday our doors open at 10:00 AM

Our Regular Sunday Celebration Service starts at 10:45 AM in the Sanctuary

Guided Meditation Every Sunday

Join our Practitioners on the 2nd Floor at 10:15 each Sunday Morning for a Guided Meditation.  

You will love the energy of high consciousness in these meditation sessions.

Fellowship After Service

We hope everyone feels welcome to join us in our Fellowship Hall immediately after our Sunday Service for tasty snacks and great conversation.  


Visit our Bookstore and grab a copy of our Sunday Service CD, the latest copy of Science of Mind Magazine, or that special Spiritual Book for yourself or a loved one!


Relax in our Lending Library where we have hundreds of popular book titles to enjoy reading in the library or take them home for a spell.

We look forward to seeing you at CSL Nashville, the place to be on Sunday morning.

Happening This Sunday at CSL Nashville

March 24th at 10:45 AM - Trust the Change


The expression of "Personal Values" occurs in each and every communication in the world of form.  These values determine our behavior, itself being an outward expression of the thoughts we hold within.

In this engaging message Rev. Claudia reveals how a return to Principle requires only a moment of pause.  A return to the inner voice that only, and always, expresses the presence of Love and the benefit of being "Miracle-Ready" and "Value-Driven" will change the world we experience.

Annual Member Meeting Highlights

Membership Elects Two New Members to Board of Trustees

On March 10th, 2018 Members of the Center for Spiritual Living Nashville held their Annual Member’s Meeting where two new Board members were elected to the Board of Trustees.

Mr. David Arnholter, Practitioner and Mr. Gregory Fisher, Practitioner, who had been vetted and nominated by the Board Nomination Committee, were added to a Slate which had been presented for consideration to the membership prior to the meeting.  

At this meeting a motion was made for the membership to vote to accept the Slate put forth by the Committee.   As a result of that vote both Mr. Arnholter and Mr. Fisher were indeed confirmed by the quorum of members in attendance to serve on the CSL Board of Trustees for a term of three years each.

Additionally, the outgoing Board of Trustee’ Officers, Alan Woodard, Board Chairman and Susan Short-Jones, Treasurer were honored for their many years of service to the community in a ceremony of recognition along with Margaret Hayes, Assistant Treasurer in consideration of her recent resignation from the Board.  Kim Davenport, a recent Appointment by the Board to fill the position opened by Margaret Hayes was honored for her acceptance to serve the Community on the Board for the remaining two years of that term.

Members in attendance received reports from the Senior Minister, Rev. Claudia René, a financial report by Tony Williamson, Admin Director in addition to updates from the Music Director, Max Niederle, the Youth Director, LaRayne Evans , Volunteer Coordinator, Cate Prentis, and the Practitioner Core by Ursula Roden, Practitioner Emeritus.

Rev. Claudia shared an inspirational vision for CSLN as a Mission Centric organization.  She enjoined the membership to be engaged in building a sustainable legacy of growth and outreach of the Ministry, grounded in the teaching and vision of our founder, Ernest Holmes.

Rev. Claudia  emphasized the importance of an involved membership willing to support and contribute to the Mission and Vision of the Center through financial contributions and Sacred Service.  

The Annual Member's Meeting was a success!  This meeting stands as a shining example of what is possible for this community going forward.  As more of our neighbors walk through our doors for the first time each week and  find love and acceptance in our spiritual home, there is certainty of our purpose and our message that "Love heals all things".

The leadership of this community extends a heart felt "Thank You" to the active Members of CSL Nashville.  Thank you for your demonstration of  love and support for our Center!


The Message on March 17th ~ by Rev. Claudia

In this message Rev. Claudia takes on a controversial discussion about hidden abuse and how a clear understanding of Spiritual Principles can free us from the confusion about standing for integrity and taking a pathway that demonstrates love instead of succumbing to fear and withholding our voice.  We can make a difference in this world!  The Change Begins With You. 

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