November 2018 - The Art of Abundance

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November 18 ~ Sunday Service at 10:45


Abundant Wealth?

Definition:  Abundance of money, property, and other material goods; riches; wealth.

An abundant supply, as of thoughts or words; profusion.

  • How do you  know where you are going?
  • Following love leads you to your desired destination.
  • Energy flows (like water) where attention goes!

Sunday Celebration Service Starts at 10:45 AM 

Meditation at 10:15 in the Practitioner Room Upstairs

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Rev. Claudia Rene Tambur

The Art of Abundance

The Lessons this Month are inspired by “The Art of Abundance”.  

We will open our eyes to the limitless abundance that lies waiting just beyond our current belief system.  Together we will learn where to look for a life filled with freedom, inner peace, purpose and meaning.  This is a life worth living.  It is your life.  Accept it, claim it, experience it now. 


As we collectively explore and practice Ten Rules for a Prosperous Life, let us also apply these principles to recreating our beautiful Spiritual Center.  As we have honored our rich legacy.  

Let us now remember that Principle is not bound by Precedent.  

All possibilities are available to us as we remember the boundlessness of Life, of the Universe, and of the Principle of Love that point us in the direction of our dreams and evolving Spiritual Center.  

I call forth prosperity and abundance beyond our current belief system. 

I know and claim that we experience Center for Spiritual Living Nashville as worthwhile community that extends its gifts beyond our wildest dreams and beyond the geographic borders into an expression that inspires and serves the universe.

Rev. Claudia Rene

A Recent Message by Rev. Claudia

The Voice of Love knows nothing of fear!  

In this video Rev. Claudia shares how fear is the opposite of love.  God is Love.  As we awaken to this reality we can choose to express the only energy that heals the world...Love!

Choosing Divine fearlessness, a singularity of purpose, and a determination to think only God-like thoughts … changes everything!

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