April 2019 ~ Happy Easter

Happening This Sunday at CSL Nashville

April 21st - 10:45 AM - Easter Sunday Service


Rise As the Living Christ

As we celebrate this Easter Holy Day we reflect on the story of our brother who demonstrated that "Things are not as they appear."  We are, indeed, much more than we have been told and led to believe by this world.

As a demonstration of the power of Love, a shift of perception reveals the Truth of eternal life for all of God's children.  The celebration of Easter gives evidence of a reality beyond the appearance of sin, sickness and death.  In this message will reveal a Truth more relevant today than at any time in our history and points to what is possible for us today.  

This Truth points to OUR story.  Easter is a time to realize that it was always a teaching of what is real about us!  We need only awaken to the realization of our Self to be free of limitation, once and for all.   And So It Is

Sunday Schedule at Center for Spiritual Living Nashville

Our Sunday Service Overview

Each Sunday our doors open at 10:00 AM

Our Regular Sunday Celebration Service starts at 10:45 AM in the Sanctuary

Guided Meditation Every Sunday

Join our Practitioners on the 2nd Floor at 10:15 each Sunday Morning for a Guided Meditation.  

You will love the energy of high consciousness in these meditation sessions.

Fellowship After Service

We hope everyone feels welcome to join us in our Fellowship Hall immediately after our Sunday Service for tasty snacks and great conversation.  


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Relax in our Lending Library where we have hundreds of popular book titles to enjoy reading in the library or take them home for a spell.

We look forward to seeing you at CSL Nashville, the place to be on Sunday morning.

The Message on April 14th ~ by Rev. Claudia

In the time of Easter, and on this Palm Sunday, Rev. Claudia takes on a journey of a deeper understanding of the message of Jesus.

His teaching of becoming the Christ can heal our misperception of this world and free us from the fear and guilt that holds us hostage to limitation and separation from the reality of our true inheritance.

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