Happy Holidays!

December - 2019 - Divine Remembrance


In this Season of Divine Remembrance, we behold Light in a season of Darkness. We remember, we are light and of the Light. 

We are here to extend that Light into the world that has forgotten. 

We honor the wisdom of the ages, of all traditions, as they all point to the Divine Remembrance of a Light Within the Darkness. May we remember, together, that everything is Holy Now. 

** Messages this month are inspired by Celebrations of Rohatsu, Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa and infused with the teaching, philosophy and way of life of The Science of Mind.

We hope you will join us this month as we celebrate the many blessings of love and joy we have experienced in 2019.

A Message from Rev. Claudia René


Home is where the heart is!

As the Christmas Holiday is fast approaching, Rev. Claudia René invites you to return home.  Return to the embrace of love.  The Center of Love... CSL Nashville.

If you haven't been to our Center in a while you might find this month is the perfect time to reconnect and recommit to the Center for Spiritual Living Nashville.

As the fastest growing New Thought Spiritual Center in Nashville, our focus has never been more clear.  This Center is poised and ready for a New Year and a new day!

We are uniquely prepared to share a message of love and forgiveness.  This teaching will usher in a new level of spiritual understanding that will literally change our world.

Our city is growing.  Our Center is growing.  Our teaching has never been more relevant!  Will you answer the call?  

Our New Music Director 12/8/19


Sean O'Shea was has accepted the position as the New Interim Music Director for Center for Spiritual Living Nashville effective December 8th,  2019!

Congratulations Sean!  We are grateful and excited about the amazing love and energy your presence brings to our community. 

Sean O’Shea is an Inspirational speaker as well as performing songwriter.  He has been interviewed on ABC’s Good Morning America and twice he opened for Dr. Wayne Dyer's events.

Sean's is the official spokesperson for Kawai pianos and travels to New Thought centers across the country. 

Sean is walking a pathway toward becoming an ordained New Thought minister.  Sean is putting the finishing touches on his new book “7 Spiritual People Skills (for ordinary people to make an extraordinary difference)”! 

Thank you Sean O'Shea for being a leader in our community!  We are so very excited about the exceptional musical gifts you will be sharing with us.

Stronger Together - A Gathering


A Community Gathering is happening on December 18th, at 6:30 pm.

All are welcome!  This meeting is for everyone, members and guests, with a desire to have their voice be heard and share their thoughts and concerns in a safe and loving environment.

This gathering will be facilitated by Rev. Dr. Martha Creek.  Rev. Martha Creek is an independent, outside facilitator who has served as a ministry consultant and community facilitator for over 20 years. 

In the life of any community, it is "normal" to experience stress, upset, grief, and anger when things change.  This is simply part of the process.  

This is a wonderful opportunity for healing and clarity.  We hope you will join us for this very special evening at the Center for Spiritual Living Nashville.

December-1st Message by Rev. Claudia René

Last Message in the series "The Four Agreements."

Today is the beginning of a new dream. Let us experience this day in harmony together.

We live one day, one moment, at a time.

We keep our attention on today.

It is said that beyond a wholesome discipline, it is so very important to be gentle with ourselves. We are releasing self-doubt and awakening to Self-love and respect for everyone in our experience. 

Sunday Schedule at Center for Spiritual Living Nashville

Our Sunday Service Overview

Each Sunday our doors open at 10:00 AM

Our Regular Sunday Celebration Service starts at 10:45 AM in the Sanctuary

Guided Meditation Every Sunday

Join our Practitioners on the 2nd Floor at 10:15 each Sunday Morning for a Guided Meditation.  

You will love the energy of high consciousness in these meditation sessions.

Fellowship After Service

We hope everyone feels welcome to join us in our Fellowship Hall immediately after our Sunday Service for tasty snacks and great conversation.  


Visit our Bookstore and grab a copy of our Sunday Service CD, the latest copy of Science of Mind Magazine, or that special Spiritual Book for yourself or a loved one!


Relax in our Lending Library where we have hundreds of popular book titles to enjoy reading in the library or take them home for a spell.

We look forward to seeing you at CSL Nashville, the place to be on Sunday morning.

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