Affirmative Prayer (Spiritual Mind Treatment) Works to

Help you deal with challenging situations and conditions in your life.

Explore how to use spiritual laws to create the life you desire.

Support you in healing body, mind and spirit.

Practitioners are available to share the gift of prayer with you following our Sunday services.


Treatment by a licensed practitioner is a professional service and a fee of $35 per session is charged for an appointment. Counseling and treatment by a minister carries a fee of $50. Our Intern Practitioners do not charge for their services. No one will ever be turned away due to a temporary lack of funds. Practitioners conduct their own professional practices, seeing individuals on a fee basis in one-on-one sessions. The fee is established at the time an appointment is made. The fee is not for prayer, but rather for the practitioner's time, training, skill and professional knowledge of spiritual principles and practices that can enhance one's life. Financial arrangements are flexible and need not be a deterrent to receiving services.


The relationship between the practitioner and the client is one of utmost confidence, integrity and trust. It is essential to the practitioner-client relationship that all information shared is kept in the strictest confidence. 

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