Classes and Workshops for 2019

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Spiritual Alchemy ~ A Class

Thursday Nights @ 7:00pm

Spiritual Alchemy, a weekly gathering of initiates on a pathway of power, transformation and revelation!

This is a continuous, circuitous work. There is no special book, bible or otherwise, that you will be required to read as a prerequisite, in order to attend this class.

The information contained within this curriculum is required and cannot be avoided. However, you can choose when you will discover this material...this life, or the next or the next or the next.

This material can not diminish your power. You have free will. But knowledge that leads to enlightenment does reveal powers you have always had that you may not, as yet, be aware of.

Ask yourself a simple question: "Is there really more abundance in my life as a result of 'working' on myself or following some 'method' like burning a certain type of incense or reading a particular book or participating in a study group where people are all trying to 'guess' at what the 'right' interpretation is supposed to be of some mystical teaching?

Welcome to Spiritual Alchemy. The weekly discussions you discover here will take you into topics formerly only taught in the mystery schools of the ancient past. Ideas and beliefs that are rarely, if ever, discussed in traditional spiritual teachings.

Beyond basic spiritual conversation, here you will venture into a deeper understanding of what lies beyond the veil of material form. Here you will awaken to what spiritual attainment really is, where it takes you, what is required of you and what you can expect to find?

A bold claim? Indeed! ~ But the time for half-measures is over!

This is an advanced class. Expect traditional ideas to be challenged!

We will not spend too much time here trying to prove or disprove basic spiritual truth. We will, however, help those with limited experience to catch up, but we expect everyone to come here with an open mind!

The only precepts are "No people pleasing." And "No private thoughts." Here you are required to speak your mind freely. Not to convince or compel others, but to free yourself from limitation.

Here you will be expected to be willing to admit (to yourself) that what you have been doing to overcome this world isn't working. Here you are expected to accept the basic spiritual truths discussed here to be self-evident.

If you have doubts about what you learn here you will, instead of engaging in arguments about what you "think" is true, be expected to accept the challenge to find out for yourself. You do this by applying these principles in your own life. The classroom extends into your daily life where you will practice and 'discover' your own personal power! Intolerance has no place in advanced spiritual study.

Isn't it time you started trusting something other than; "I pick what I like and discard what I don't like" routine about spiritual teachings?

Spiritual Alchemy. More than a class! Experience the revelation of an unexpected transformation that will reveal you to your Self. A Self that awaits the discovery of the Spiritual Alchemist within.