Our Youth Program

Wonder-Full me!


 "You were born with the right to be happy. You were born with the right to love, to enjoy and to share your love. You are alive, so take your life and enjoy it. Don’t resist life passing through you, because that is God passing through you. Just your existence proves the existence of God. Your existence proves the existence of life and energy.” 

-Don Miguel Ruiz

This month we celebrate how our creative thoughts access Universal Spirit which reflects back to us, in our experiences, Oneness with the Mind of God.  We have the ability to align with this wonderful power to manifest an abundance of joy, love and peace. Our thoughts and feelings work in consciousness to create our reality as part of the Law of Mind. 

As we celebrate in this knowing, we allow the ever present love of God to channel through our being. The Youth Ministry team will present Science of Mind principles that are age appropriate and relevant to youth daily interactions. This month’s lesson plans will enhance our future leaders’ self-confidence and self-worth by encouraging each child to accept they are One with the Universal Mind and are limitless!  

July 2019 Schedule


July 7- Lesson: “Let’s Get X-treme!” 

Spiritual Truth: Determination

Teens: Sandy Woods

Youth Room: Barbara Wilson & Fauna Greye

Nursery: LaRayne Evans

July 14-Lesson: “Taking Off Your Training Wheels!” 

Spiritual Truth: Balance 

Youth Room: David Long

Nursery: Fauna Greye

July 21-Youth Ministry Services Not Available

July 28-Lesson: “Live Boldly!”   

Spiritual Truth: Confidence

Youth Room: Barbra Wilson & Sandy Woods

Nursery: LaRayne Evans

What We Teach


Each week we present Science of Mind principles in lessons and experiences that are appropriate to each age group.  Lessons include discussions of spiritual ideas that can relate to our children's daily lives through stories, activities, sharing, inning, doing affirmations, meditations, visualization, yoga, and any other type of activity that emphasizes God's perfect expression of Divine Love inside one of us.  

We teach spiritual practices that empower children to 

embrace their unique gifts and encourages 

the knowledge of Universal Laws by seeing 

the truth of who they really are.​


For more information on how to teach and volunteer: Contact LaRayne Evans