Our Youth Program

The Power of Play/the Gift of Service


“The Power that is within you is the Power of your word operated upon by Law. This Power is not so much a will as it is willingness. You will never have to will things to happen; you will merely have to know that they are happening.” -Ernest Holmes

This month we celebrate how each one of us has been born with a unique and Divine template of the Perfection that God is. It is when we forget this that we start to compare ourselves with others and turn the differences into short comings. As we embrace the differences and begin to celebrate who we are, we come into alignment with the ever present love of God that was always there. It is with this new vision that we see the infinite and creative ways in which Spirit shows up. The Youth Ministry team will present Science of Mind principles that are age appropriate and relevant to youth daily interactions. This month’s lesson plans will enhance our future leaders’ self-confidence and self-worth by encouraging each child to understand they are children of the Universe and are limitless! 

May Schedule


May 5- Lesson: “One is FUN-Spiritual Truth: Self Love

Youth Room: Barbara

Nursery: LaRayne

May 12-Lesson: “Family Ties-Spiritual Truth: Playfulness 

Youth Room: Barbara

Nursery: LaRayne

May 19-Lesson:  “Community Unity.  Spiritual Truth: Flexibility 

*Youth Sunday 

Teens: Sandy

Youth Room: David & Fauna 

Nursery: LaRayne

May 26-Lesson: “Playing on a Bigger Playground.  Spiritual Truth: Sharing  

Youth Room: LaRayne

Nursery: Fauna

What We Teach


Each week we present Science of Mind principles in lessons and experiences that are appropriate to each age group.  Lessons include discussions of spiritual ideas that can relate to our children's daily lives through stories, activities, sharing, inning, doing affirmations, meditations, visualization, yoga, and any other type of activity that emphasizes God's perfect expression of Divine Love inside one of us.  

We teach spiritual practices that empower children to 

embrace their unique gifts and encourages 

the knowledge of Universal Laws by seeing 

the truth of who they really are.​